October Member Power Award Honoree: Sally Sukdol

Sally Sukdol, San Bernardino County Animal Care & Control, is the September 2017 recipient of our Union’s Member Power Award.

As a member Steward within the Department of Public Health, Sally has consistently been a foremost advocate for the rights of public employees — never missing a chance to advance her knowledge at training, or stay up to date at General Membership and County Steward meetings. Sally was instrumental in ensuring that her fellow Teamsters at Devore Animal Shelter received adequate protections following a rat and mite infestation in August 2017. One of the several Teamsters who nominated Sally said, “Ms. Sukdol is dedicated to the rights of her co-workers and all workers in San Bernardino. She is a diligent liaison between workers and supervisors, workers and workers, workers and Teamsters. Ms. Sukdol tirelessly acts as an advisor and confidant to her fellow workers. She truly believes in achieving for wages and rights for all who sacrifice themselves as public workers.”

In light of this, we honor Sally for her leadership excellence. Thank you for all you do, Sally!



Our union is the collective voice of public employees throughout the San Bernardino County region. When we stand together and use our collective power we have the ability to change our workplace for the better — it’s about Member Power.

While we’re all in this together, thousands of members have shown the exceptional ability to leverage and build power as leaders in the workplace. Whether it’s keeping you updated with the latest news, projects, and events, or just answering your basic contractual questions, members who do these things deserve to be recognized.

We recognize these members every month with our Member Power Award. Nominations for our August award are now open until November 10th.

Nominating a fellow Teamster will automatically enter you in a raffle to win your own new Teamsters Local 1932 jacket. If your nominee wins the award, you’ll also be receiving your own new jacket.

Read about our past Member Power Award recipients: Barbara Whittington-Gonzales, Marcie Larkin, Shane Stogorman, Gina Jordan.

We thank you in advance for your input. Recognizing members who build their union will be pivotal in the progression of Local 1932.