Affordable Healthcare Now!

Teamsters Local 1932 is proud to announce the new Health & Welfare Trust for Teamsters employed at the County of San Bernardino. This is where affordable healthcare comes first and benefit improvements become possible going forward. During open enrollment, you will have an opportunity to enroll in the Health & Welfare Trust or stay with your current plan through the County. The Trust will provide the same medical plan options you have now, as well as some new ones with better benefits, and this is only just the start of what we can accomplish.
High participation in the Trust will allow for the creation of further benefits like Retiree Medical Care and Direct Primary Care Clinics — this is not remotely possible with the County’s plans. We are proud to have worked tirelessly since last September to establish a firm foundation for further affordable healthcare for you and your families.
Zenith, the Trust’s third-party administrator, is ready to answer any questions you have. You can reach Zenith’s dedicated Trust service team through their hotline — toll-free at (866) 484-1337.
Zenith is also hosting live webinar sessions to review the new Teamsters Trust; benefit plan comparisons including a new Plan option exclusive to Teamsters Local 1932; cost comparisons; demonstration of the Online Enrollment Application; and time for answering any questions. The webinars will be recorded and posted to the Trust’s new website.
The webinar schedule is (click date for RSVP link):
Monday, June 1 at 2 pm PST
Wednesday, June 3 at 10 am PST
Friday, June 5 at 1 pm PST
Tuesday, June 9 at 3 pm PST
Thursday, June 11 at 3 pm PST
Monday, June 15 at 1 pm PST
Wednesday, June 17 at 10 am PST
Friday, June 19 at 1 pm PST
Local 1932 urges you to take all of the opportunities laid out to get informed and choose the Teamster Trust by June 26th. We can shape our future together. This Trust Fund wants you to get involved, retire early, and stay healthy. This is our mission and it starts on Monday.

Follow the Health & Welfare Trust on Facebook here! You can also listen to a breakdown of the new Health & Welfare Trust with this special episode of the Teamster View podcast — Spotify / Apple / or wherever you get your podcasts.
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