Reading List (5/1-5/15): What has Local 1932 shared online?

Below is a list of articles, videos, pictures — everything that Local 1932 found important enough to share throughout its social media. Share these items with your own networks! A well-read union is crucial in building power.
May 1st

“The average millennial worker makes less than the average baby boomer did in 1975” By the Washington Post’s Max Ehrenfreund:


“Supreme Court refuses to hear Wal-Mart case; Pa. workers owed $224M” By’s Jane M. Von Bergen:


May 2nd

“Teamsters Aircraft Mechanics Print Open Letter to UPS CEO”: “How can Mr. Abney and his board look in the mirror every morning when they approve multi-million dollar executive raises even having missed their performance targets this year and then turn around and try to deny the people who keep their planes running of simple health benefits?’ said Cliff Jones who is based in Louisville, Ky. and has been with UPS for 17 years.” –


May 3rd

“Meet the Man Behind Teamster Woodcarvings: Ernest Mccalman” By Teamsters Local 1932:


May 4th

At the previous day’s County Stewards Meeting, Local 1932 celebrated a powerful meeting by standing together in front of our new mobile office. Check it out:


First post in our new series profiling Fontana City workers, Russell De La Fuente of the Parks Department:


May 5th

“Will voters approve a plan to kill your retirement security?” By Teamsters Local 1932:


Infrastructure throughout our home communities gets fixed because of the labor of Local 1932 members — check it out in action in Redlands:


May 6th

Our latest post in our series of profiles of Ontario City workers, Clarice Burden of the Planning Department:


May 8th


RTW: ‘If we had the election today, we’d beat this thing”: Solidarity with our union sisters and brothers in Missouri as they prepare to mount a mass petition drive to stop “right to work” with a ballot measure


San Bernardino County programs ending veteran homelessness, advancing literacy, and saving citrus trees are among 40 groundbreaking initiatives that won 2017 Achievement Awards from the National Association of Counties (NACo). Check out the Departments & Programs here:


May 9th

Solidarity with Teamsters Local 807 members at Alside Aluminum who are on strike to protect their health-care. Companies endanger us all when they bring in scab replacements who don’t have the same training and experience as Teamsters members. Watch one shocking video here:


May 10th


Secretary-Treasurer Randy Korgan speaks to a room full of public sector Teamsters from around the country. Strategic planning and organizing will be key in bringing working families the standards that they can win:


“Some Yale teachers are refusing to eat in protest of the university. I’m one of them” By Lukas Moe at the Guardian:


May 11th

Watch the presentation, narration included, that our Stewards demanded be released to the public:

The Ugly Truth of “Right to Work”


May 12th

Our next post in the City of Fontana worker profile series, Esteban Tinoco of Pool Crew:


PBS SoCal had an interview / roundtable discussion about the workers comp problems the December 2 survivors continue to face at the hand of the County of San Bernardino:


May 13th

“Wage Theft Is Costing Workers $50 Billion a Year in Stolen Pay” by Eli Horowitz of In These Times:


“CEO pay still dwarfing pay of U.S. workers: union report” By Reuters’ Ross Kerber and Peter Szekely: