PSD Negotiation Team — All County Preschool Employees — Recognized with Member Power Award

At the General Membership Meeting on February 27th, Local 1932 welcomed our newest group of Teamsters — the working people at San Bernardino County Preschool Services Department (PSD)!

Our Union honored the negotiating team that led the way (Mary DuJon, Sean Segal, Jodi Jodd, Toi Waddles, and Tera Forshey) with the Member Power Award. Despite long days at work, helping the region’s youngest students with the care and service they provide, these new Teamsters proved tireless in their pursuit of the stability that PSD families deserve. They were successful.

Thank you, Mary, Sean, Jodi, Toi, and Tera for all you do! Welcome to Teamsters Local 1932!

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