Members of Teamsters Local 1932 Overwhelmingly Vote Yes to Ratify New County of San Bernardino Contract

Members of Teamsters Local 1932 overwhelmingly voted yes to ratifying the new County of San Bernardino Contract benefiting all bargaining Units. 


Over the past few months, the San Bernardino County Bargaining team and your union have been working diligently to secure the most lucrative contract county employees have ever had. 


Since the initiation of bargaining, the overall concern of our members was their healthcare benefits. Unfortunately, every time they received a new raise, it would be swept away by their medical premium increases.  


Throughout the newly ratified contract, members will have full medical increased coverage. This means that the county of San Bernardino will cover 100% of the rate increases for medical premiums based on the Blue Shield Plan increase. 


The contract set to expire in 2027 includes significant salary increases, including Annual raises, Steps, longevity, and potential profit sharing. 


Over 4,000 members will receive equity increases and differentials in over 70 classifications, ensuring fair and competitive compensation. 


This contract, once again, is the most lucrative and would not be possible without our dedicated bargaining committee, who worked tirelessly and, most importantly, without your support.