Voters Say Yes to Measure D

In 2020, Measure K was introduced by the Red Brennan Group, an organization run by a man hell-bent on gutting public services. Measure K would have left our communities high and dry while destroying the livelihoods of the devoted public servants who provide these essential services.

Unfortunately, Measure K passed, but Teamsters Local 1932 and our allies immediately sprang into action. Over the last two years, Local 1932 members educated their neighbors, family members, and friends about the dangers of Measure K and the Red Brennan Group’s plans for San Bernardino County. This past election cycle, Measure D was introduced to override Measure K and protect workers and our communities from the tyranny of a constant revolving door at the Board of Supervisors. This high turnover would have allowed big money interests to entrench their power in our county even further.

The Teamsters Local 1932 Political Action Committee endorsed Measure D, two other local ballot measures, and 23 candidates running for local office with various party affiliations. Local 1932 threw the total weight of our power behind these measures and candidates, with more than 70 of our members volunteering to knock on doors, make phone calls and send more than 140,000 text messages to registered voters in our county.

Thanks to these volunteers, Local 1932 and our allies passed Measure D, which positions us well to continue our fight for affordable health care, good jobs, and healthy communities.

Now, let’s get back to work Transforming the Inland Empire – together!