Vere Williams for SBCERA General Member

The following is a statement by Teamster Vere Williams on his candidacy for SBCERA General Member:

“Fellow SBCERA members, public employees’ pensions are wrongfully accused of causing the financial difficulties of the County. The truth is the average pension is a modest $36,446. I am seeking re-election to continue to fight to ensure SBCERA’s resources are utilized to provide the hard-earned Defined Benefits promised. When decisions are made to ensure SBCERA makes prudent investment choices, I would like to represent you. I will fight to ensure that SBCERA’s decisions consider ALL affected parties. To prepare for this responsibility, I have completed Portfolio Concepts and Management at Wharton School, Principles of Pension Management at Pepperdine University and Advanced Principles of Pension Management for Trustees at UCLA. I will work with the board to ensure that each member is treated fairly and impartially. During my tenure on the Board, I have fought hard for members’ rights.

I am working with other members of the Board to enhance the management of the organization and to ensure that the processes reflect the values of our members and their representatives.

With an Accounting/Information Management MBA, Accounting BA, Business Management AA, 33 years tax preparation, 23 years Enrolled Agent, 26 years in the finance department at ARMC along with service in several local, regional and national organizations, I have the background to be a part of the team planning strategically for the future: maximizing investment returns and minimizing the financial impact on taxpayers.

I am proud to be endorsed by Teamsters Local 1932.

I respectfully ask for your support and vote for the Retirement Board.”

For more information on the 2018 SBCERA Board of Retirement Election see here