Update – San Bernardino County Negotiations

A Message From Secretary-Treasurer Randy Korgan:

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San Bernardino County contract negotiations have been taking place for several months, and I am sure many of you are curious to know where we currently stand. As our contract comes to an end, I want to provide an update on our progress during negotiations.

Since before we started negotiating with the County, the members made it clear in various surveys that our primary focus has been and should continue to be securing affordable healthcare as well as retiree medical benefits. For many, prioritizing a wage increase is essential, and we agree, which is why we have worked so diligently to find comprehensive healthcare solutions that prevent healthcare costs from offsetting the wage increases that we are able to win now and into the future.

As negotiations continue beyond expiration, we understand that the process is challenging for all involved. The actions you and your coworkers are taking are having an important impact, and it is imperative that we continue to engage our coworkers, management, and the general public that we serve. For those of you who have not yet engaged in actions, do not hesitate to step up to the plate!

Your negotiating committee has been working diligently to represent not only you and your department’s interests but the interests of all seven bargaining units we represent within the County of San Bernardino. We plan once again to set a new standard, as we did in 2019, when we built the essential foundation of a system that is allowing us to reduce the burden of healthcare costs for all Teamster members employed at the County into their retirement (through the retiree medical subsidy).

Although I have been highly critical of San Bernardino County’s approach to healthcare over the last couple of decades, we are seeing fundamental shifts in negotiations. It takes time to work through the details of this very complex but important issue, but we continue to make important progress. Dozens of tentative agreements have been signed and a comprehensive package continues to evolve.

We also must recognize that a 3% across-the-board (ATB) increase was implemented in February. The February ATB has already been paid without it having to be approved in the new MOU. Additionally, the Teamsters Health and Welfare Trust froze rates for enrolled members so that they would not experience short-term rate increases like those enrolled in the county plan.

Please understand that the fight is not over, and we must continue to press forward. I want to thank you for your patience and understanding. Rest assured that we will keep you informed every step of the way as we come closer to achieving a complete tentative agreement.

Let’s continue to transform the Inland Empire!

In solidarity,

Randy Korgan

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