Tentative Agreement Reached with SB County




The SB County Teamsters Local 1932 Bargaining Team is pleased to announce a new tentative agreement with the County. After dozens of negotiation sessions with the County since November 2018, the result is a strong one for Teamsters. 


Take-home pay for a majority of Teamsters will increase by more than 20% over the life of this four-year contract. Medical costs have been stabilized because premium employer contributions have been substantially increased through negotiations with your union. Additionally, Local 1932 has secured strong across the board raises, as well as improvements in equity, differentials, and allowances, affecting thousands of members. We are also pleased to announce that Local 1932 has successfully negotiated for the establishment of a Medical Trust Fund, which will finally bring Teamster bargaining power back to healthcare and pursue opportunities for affordable member-only retiree medical coverage for the first time.


This is the first full Teamster agreement to be completed by Local 1932 since affiliation in 2015. The Local 1932 Bargaining Team, made up of dozens of members from across the County, strongly encourages a YES VOTE on this agreement. The Bargaining Team appreciates your patience at this time as we work towards preparing materials for a contract ratification vote and the scheduling of informational sessions across the County. More information to come shortly!