Supervising Social Service Practitioners Meeting at Teamsters Local 1932

Business Agent Juan Delgado led a meeting of the SSSPs along with Business Agent Coordinator Steve Matthews.  The focus of the meeting included listening to their concerns and coming together.  Business agents Carlos Gonzales and Susan Carl talked about the importance of being active in the Union and answered questions about the MOU.  Misconceptions were addressed and everyone left the meeting informed and on the same page.


“The meeting went great because we brought people to the table; they are not used to speaking for themselves.  They are so valuable, and now they see what their worth is, and they want to be compensated for it.  I think it was really good because now all of these myths have been demystified and we need to become united.  We proudly protect and save children and families.”

– Tish Crawford, SSSP

“I think the meeting went very well; it was organized.  I think that Steve was listening to everyone’s concerns and I think we found a very professional and reasonable way to bring our concerns to the County’s attention.”

– Jeff Warren, Supervisor for Children and Family Services

Misunderstandings were addressed and we reaffirmed the fact that they have equal representation as managers. The meeting ended on a high note when everyone understood that we are all working together and we can learn and share together.