SB County Teamsters VICTORY: $2.6 Million in Back Pay & Step Advancements

The following is a message from Teamsters Local 1932 Secretary-Treasurer Randy Korgan on August 17, 2022:

Teamsters Local 1932 is proud to announce that the County of San Bernardino has paid more than $2.6 million in back pay and step advancements due to a grievance filed late last year.

In a time when every dollar counts, thousands of Teamsters at the County have now received their collectively-negotiated owed steps and back pay.

For decades, the Work Performance Evaluation (WPE) step advancement process created frustration for hard-working people that were due an increase. We reported earlier this year that a new process is in place going forward to prevent raises from being held up because of an administrative failure. Members, and all County employees, will now benefit from a system that will not hold up your raise if a superior cannot perform the WPE on time.

Your union fought for the fix to a decades-long problem that all County Employees will benefit from far into the future. This is a testament to the power of workers coming together in a union.

When we stick together, we win together.