San Bernardino County Healthcare Workers Receive Pay Increase

In October of 2023, Senate Bill 525 by Senator Durzao of the California State Senate, was signed by Governor Gavin Newsom. SB 525 establishes a $25 per hour minimum wage for all healthcare workers in California.

“I’m so happy that my hourly rate is increasing because my rent has skyrocketed and until now, my wage has stayed the same. This gives me and my Co-Workers some relief.” Said Tiffany Boddie, a Lead Custodian at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center.

The original version of the bill was supposed to implement the new healthcare minimum wage in June of 2024 but before Senate Bill 525 was signed in October of 2023, the Governor and the legislature amended the bill to give counties an additional 6 months, allowing counties to extend the implementation date to 2025.

However, on April 30th, 2024, our Executive Board, spearheaded by Secretary-Treasurer Randy Korgan, took immediate action provoking discussions with the County Board of Supervisors. The Local was asking for the implementation of the new wage increase to be effective in June of 2024 along with Private Sector competitors. 

Because of that advocacy, in addition to the Board of Supervisors understanding and ultimately agreeing, more than one thousand Teamster members across the San Bernardino County Healthcare system will now see an increase in their hourly wages sooner rather than later. This provides immediate relief to our healthcare workers who for too long, have been overlooked, despite being on the frontlines of our nation’s largest county. 

“We believe San Bernardino County is the only County in California that implemented the increases earlier than required because of advocacy, communication, and coordination with county leadership,” says Randy Korgan Secretary-Treasurer. 

“I’m happy with the progress of our union and with the advocacy of our board. Living paycheck to paycheck is a struggle but with this increase, we get a little more comfort. This wage increase has been long overdue.” Says Angela Kirkindoff, a Linen Room Attendant at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center. 

Our local would like to thank the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors for listening to our members and not delaying the implementation date. We also want to thank Senator Durazo for authoring SB 525 which will have a positive and long-lasting impact on the lives of many of our members. 



Teamsters Local 1932 represents more than 14,000 workers across the Inland Empire.  

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