“Right to Work” is Reducing the Wages. Fight Back With Us.

“Right to Work” is Reducing the Wages. Fight Back With Us.

America’s labor unions protect and seek to lift the standards for working families in this country. Deep pocketed opponents of workers like you, however, are seeking to kill the labor movement through a variety of different forms. A legal challenge, Janus v AFSCME, that could result in the end of your constitutional right to participate in a union funded by each member equally and fairly is fast approaching the U.S Supreme Court docket. This would impose across the country. what our opponents have termed — quite ridiculously —  “Right to Work”.

The information below has been collected for you to read, share, and act on. Don’t just pass the message on, stay involved so that you can be up to date on the best ways to fight back with our Union.

Watch our “Right to Work” explainer below to learn how “Right to Work” creates universal misery – both in the public and private sector:

How does “Right to Work” reduce the wages? This one simple graph teaches you just how it’s done.

Former U.S Secretary of Labor Robert Reich goes in depth on the subject in just 3 minutes:


But what of the rotten and racist roots of “Right to Work” laws? While they currently remain unmentioned when talking about “Right to Work”, this can change by helping spread our findings on the matter. First, watch the Local 1932 presentation on the ugly truth behind “right to work” and start sharing. The information had been fully vetted through a variety of reputable sources, including an interview with a professor at the University of Arkansas, the state where “Right to Work” was truly born.


Watch the presentation, with narration included:
Download the PowerPoint and run your own presentation: Ugly Truth of RTW


And so, what effects does “Right to Work” have on the public at large once enacted? The numbers don’t lie – “Right to Work” is WRONG and TOXIC.