SB County Teamsters Vote YES on Retiree Medical Subsidy

SB County Teamsters:

Congratulations! Thousands of Teamsters submitted their ballots over the past week, and after a review of voting results, Teamsters Local 1932 is proud to announce that the Retiree Medical Subsidy proposal was approved by 84% of voters. As a result:

  • County retirees, pre-65, will receive a $750 retiree medical subsidy beginning in July 2023 from the Teamsters Local 1932 Health & Welfare Trust.
  • County workers will receive an across-the-board 2% salary increase in July 2021.
  • County workers will receive an across-the-board 2% salary increase in July 2022.

Over the next few months, Teamsters Local 1932 will hold discussions with the County on the implementation of the subsidy and all structural elements required for set-up prior to July 2023. As always, Teamsters Local 1932 will keep members updated as the situation develops.

For now, please rejoice and celebrate this victory. Since the affiliation of Teamsters Local 1932 in 2015, this union has been hard at work to make affordable healthcare a reality for all members. Through education, mobilization, and organizing, Teamsters stood together to forge a new way for how retirees are treated in their post-work life. This union wants dignity and prosperity for retirees. Today’s vote results have guaranteed that this mission has a firm foundation to work from moving forward.

If you are not a San Bernardino County Teamster, please contact your Business Agent to join the existing efforts to expand these initiatives at your worksite.