Rancho Cucamonga Teamsters Reach Tentative Agreement

Jan 30, 2019

A message from Teamsters Local 1932 Secretary-Treasurer Randy Korgan:

After over a year of negotiations, Local 1932 members at the City of Rancho Cucamonga have reached a tentative agreement with the City, averting a possible strike. The settlement came after months of action by Teamsters at the City, with members leading the way and speaking truth to power about the need to raise standards for City employees. The settlement will be sent to a vote for approval by both City of Rancho Cucamonga Teamsters on Monday, and Rancho Cucamonga City Council at its next Council meeting on February 6th. The bargaining team believes that this is a fair contract that meets members’ expectations and strongly endorses a YES vote.

Due to this development, the previously scheduled rally on February 6th is now canceled. It promised to bring hundreds of members, residents, and union allies to Rancho Cucamonga City Hall in a massive show of solidarity. Local 1932 sends its deepest gratitude and thanks to all Teamsters throughout the Inland Empire, all Teamster locals in Joint Council 42, and all allies in labor and throughout the broader community who were set to attend the rally. Working people coming together for a common cause is at the heart of the labor movement, and your enthusiasm to help us here shows that the heart of labor is as strong as ever.

Throughout this fight for fairness in Rancho Cucamonga, we have called on the City to meet us in good faith and get a deal done that reflected all the reasons why Rancho Cucamonga is a great place to live. The City’s motto is “It Just Doesn’t Happen,” and as we have said time and time again it indeed does not just happen without the labor of the City’s employees in Public Works. We needed to come to an agreement on a contract that appreciated this labor, and today we have gotten just that.