Over 60 Elected Officials Visit Teamsters 1932 for Meeting on Transforming the Inland Empire

On the morning of October 25th, elected officials from all across the Inland Empire met at Teamsters Local 1932 Union Hall to discuss the past, present, and potential future economic conditions of our home communities.

Teamsters Local 1932 is transforming the Inland Empire by protecting and advocating for jobs that allow one to not only earn a living but live a good life, as well.

However, elected officials in the past few decades have allowed Corporate America to rewrite the rules here at home. At our Union’s gathering, elected officials learned this after two in-depth presentations by esteemed local academics, Eric Nilsson of California State University San Bernardino and Ellen Reese of the University of California Riverside.

Reese, a Professor of Sociology and Chair of Labor Studies at UC Riverside, previewed a policy brief for the audience that is soon to be published, titled, “The Need for a Better Deal for Workers & Residents in Inland Southern California: A Case Study of QVC lnc.’s 2015 Operating Covenant Agreement with Ontario, California.” The policy brief details the unhealthy trends in city-developer tax subsidy deals that, like the one agreed to by City of Ontario, California – Government with home shopping giant QVC, Inc. in 2015, lack thorough attempts at gathering public input, and, in turn, result in little to no consideration of securing community enhancement through such a deal. Other cities in the country have done it better, and our audience agreed that we must do better here, too.

Visit Teamsters1932.org in the coming days for more information on this important meeting — it’s only the beginning in an attempt to truly build a brighter tomorrow here in our home, the Inland Empire.

View photos from the event below