New Teamsters at the City of Montclair Unionize For Higher Standards

The collective power of workers in Southern California was strengthened this month as employees from various sectors within the City of Montclair voted to join Teamsters Local 1932 on April 10. The Montclair Teamsters now stand alongside the over 20 municipalities and public agencies throughout Southern California, where workers have united under the banner of Local 1932 to transform regional standards. 

Alex Prez, Lead Maintenance Worker, shares, “My co-workers and I decided to unionize with Local 1932 because we believe in making a tangible difference. We aim to enhance these jobs for ourselves and the residents we are proud to serve in this great city.”

Organizing began thanks to worker-to-worker organizing by Local 1932 members in the nearby city of Pomona who came into contact with Montclair workers.

“Understanding from other union members in Pomona that Teamster power means worker power was key for my co-workers and me,” says Perez. “With inflation increasing and a lack of fair compensation for our important work to keep Montclair working, it was clear that we needed to organize for a change.”

Teamsters at the City of Montclair are now gearing up for contract negotiations, knowing that the fight to raise standards is not over through simple Teamster affiliation. They will now prepare, with the backing of Local 1932, which has seen organizing victories by workers accumulate at the City of San Bernardino, CONFIRE Emergency Services, and Revel Palm Desert Retirement Community. 

“Congratulations to workers at the City of Montclair for taking control of their destiny and exercising their collective power,” says Local 1932 Secretary-Treasurer Randy Korgan. “Now we must continue down the path of worker power to win a strong first contract that reflects worker and resident needs.”

Teamsters Local 1932 affiliated with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters in 2015. Founded in 1903, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters represents 1.3 million hardworking people in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. Visit, as well as, for more information. Follow Local 1932 everywhere on social media at @1932Teamsters