Congratulations on your Union Job!

Complete the information below to begin receiving your union benefits.

  • I recognize the need for a strong union and believe everyone represented by our union should pay their fair share to support our union’s activities. Therefore, I voluntarily authorize my employer to deduct from my earnings and transfer to Teamsters Local 1932 an amount equal to the regular monthly dues uniformly applicable to members of Local 1932 and also understand that I am responsible to pay for any transfer fees and/or unpaid dues from any other Teamsters Local that I belonged to. I agree that this authorization shall remain in effect for the duration of the existing collective bargaining agreement, if any, and yearly thereafter until a new CBA is ratified, unless I give my written notice via U.S. mail to both the employer and Local 1932 during the 30 days prior to the expiration of the CBA or, if none, the end of the yearly period. My check-off authorization will renew automatically, regardless of my membership status, unless revoked during the window period described. My authorization below strengthens our Union to win fair wages and benefits!