Local 1932 Welcomes Tizoc Arenas as Business Agent

On September 18, Local 1932 welcomed Tizoc Arenas to our Union as its newest Business Agent.

Arenas, originally from Visalia, CA, is joining Teamsters Local 1932 with over 5 years experience as an organizer within the labor movement and in electoral politics.

After some time attending graduate school at California State University, Northridge, Arenas left to work in the field as an organizer, eventually moving to organize in the “Right to Work” state of Texas. “I wanted to work with bargaining units on a one-on-one basis,” Arenas says.

Arenas is no stranger to representing public employees, fondly recalling his time fighting for a strong contract for City of Houston public employees in 2015. He looks forward to bringing that same spirit in transition to Teamsters Local 1932 in the Inland Empire. “The Teamster legacy is very powerful and they’ve been traditionally known as the vanguard of the middle class,” says Arena.

Arenas will represent members at San Bernardino County Child & Family Services, San Bernardino County Child Support Services, and San Bernardino Informational Services Department. Members may reach him via email (tarenas@teamsters1932.org).