San Bernardino County Healthcare Rates Update

Attention member:

As you may have seen, the County has released the 2023 to 2024 medical rates for its plans.

Bargaining units throughout the County have seen significant reductions in how much the medical plans cost over the last four years since we last bargained for the MOU, and the County’s rate should be alarming to you and your family. Still, the announcement of these rates is premature.

Teamsters Local 1932 requested that the County hold off on Open Enrollment until we are done bargaining the contract covering the upcoming plan year. The county refused to delay open enrollment.

The Teamsters Local 1932 Health and Welfare fund Trustees have decided to postpone establishing rates until negotiations have concluded, so members of the Trust will see rates will stay the same until bargaining has ended and we can identify how much the county is willing to commit to your behalf.

If you participate in the Trust Fund, your rates will stay the same until bargaining has concluded. Once concluded, you will be notified of how the rates affect your paycheck. If you do not participate in the Trust Fund, this should serve as a reminder that we set up the Trust Fund to ensure members have a seat at the table regarding healthcare, an essential expense for each family.

Teamsters Local 1932 believes rates should be held until bargaining is completed so that the County’s commitment towards your medical premiums should be resolved before setting rates. Many proposals during negotiations will positively affect future rates and should be resolved before any decisions that reduce your take-home pay are considered.

As a reminder, our position in bargaining is if the County wants to recruit and retain employees, they should pay at or near 100 percent of the medical premiums.

Randy Korgan


Teamsters Local 1932


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