Eric Raley for SBCERA Board of Retirement

Currently, County of San Bernardino employees have their retirement pension managed by the Board of Retirement at the San Bernardino County Employees’ Retirement Association (SBCERA). Two General Member Trustees on the Board are elected by the County Teamsters and other general members.
This year, Teamsters Local 1932 is supporting the election of Eric Raley to the SBCERA Board of Retirement as our General Member Trustee. Working people need a voice on that Board so please vote for Eric!
Read Eric’s candidate statement here:
A California native, I’ve watched the cost of living– food, gas, housing– continue to rise. A co-worker said to me, “Eric, I don’t know the difference between an actuarial table and a multiplication table; I just want to know that I’ll be secure in my retirement.” We all deserve to live, work, and retire comfortably. This position is not paid; I’m running because I have the skills to make your retirement better.

My background includes financial planning, organizational leadership, and performance measurement, a Master of Business Administration degree, Executive Credential from the C.S.A.C. Institute for Excellence, and Humanitarian Award for personally responding to the Inland Regional Center terrorist attack on December 2nd. I’m a member of the Employee Benefits Advisory Committee, as well as having negotiated with Unions and been Director of Budgeting and Fiscal Services.  

I’m part of the solution to make sure your income in retirement matches or exceeds your expenses. I’ll focus on improving communication so that when the time comes, you are confident about where you are financially. People need guidance about this turning point in their lives; customer service should be a top priority at SBCERA.

I’ll be your advocate and humbly ask for your vote.  


The Registrar of Voters mailed ballots to County employees during the first week of November. Mail your ballot in or drop it off at the Registrar of Voters office in San Bernardino before December 7th at 5:00 PM.