The Union Difference Helps Drivers Thrive

The Teamsters union organizes to improve wages, benefits, and conditions at work. This has been our story for over one hundred years. We’ve set standards that help working families thrive.

Right now, drivers for UPS earn an average of over $38 an hour, with wage increases guaranteed per their Teamsters union contract for the next two years. They receive company-paid health benefits, overtime, paid leave, vacation, and a pension. This has only been possible through decades of union organizing done by members.

Americans everywhere need to experience the union difference so that they too can thrive. Amazon is set to become America’s largest private employer over the next few years with an entirely non-union workforce. Hundreds of thousands of Amazon workers and contractors, who are the backbone of Jeff Bezos’s empire, face unsafe workplaces and unreasonable production quotas. While Amazon initially relied heavily on UPS, FedEx, and the USPS for package delivery, it now delivers more than half of its own packages in Prime-branded delivery vans operated by subcontractors. The company’s “subcontracted” drivers typically make $15-$18 per hour and have limited benefits while facing ever-increasing delivery quotas as they deliver packages from Amazon-branded vans in Amazon-branded uniforms in communities throughout the United States.

This is fast becoming the new normal. We can only change this by coming together to organize for something better.

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