Devore Animal Shelter Teamsters Secure Relocation From Infested Building


Teamsters at Devore Animal Shelter in San Bernardino were moved to on-site modulars earlier this week as rat infestations, and subsequently, a recent mite infestation raised health concerns for employees and animals at the shelter.

The move had originally not been set to occur, despite workers alerting officials within the Animal Care and Control Division of the situation for quite some time. The employees were only relocated after Teamsters and Local 1932 Business Agent David Farugia reached out to Department of Public Health officials. Modulars have now been moved into the parking lot at Devore as work sites for employees. Animals that had been located in the facility have been moved to on-site air-conditioned mobiles.

With this infestation at Devore reportedly causing rat droppings from the ceiling, mite bites, and the risk of bringing mites back home to loved ones, Teamsters Local 1932 is committed to ensuring that hazardous conditions like this never arise and will be involved in efforts to strengthen on-site health and safety protocol moving forward.