Death by a thousand cuts? Not on our watch!

On April 3rd and 4th, Teamster Locals from throughout Southern California, all members of Joint Council 42, gathered in Pomona to strategize against what could be the culmination of 50 years of groundwork by anti-worker legistators and their corporate backers — a national so-called “right-to-work” law.

Local 1932 Secretary-Treasurer Randy Korgan led a presentation that explained to the crowd what has been said every month at our own general membership meetings — “right-to-work” means lower wages, higher workplace fatalities, lower health care coverage, and more poverty. It is an attempt to kill our union.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg — virtually every pillar of union life is under attack, including the promise of a strong pension after retirement.

What can you do now to stop this? Call your representative in congress today and tell them that “right-to-work” is simply WRONG. Go to our Political Action Resource Center at today to find their number — it only takes 5 minutes to make your voice heard and do your immediate part to stand up for working people everywhere.

Moving forward, however, we need to come together. Start tomorrow, 5:30 PM on Wednesday, April 5th, by attending our Research Workshop at Union Hall. We have steward and volunteer organizer trainings coming up later this month as well — check our events calendar on the left side of this page. Finally, get plugged in and keep your finger on the pulse by attending our next general membership meeting — that’s April 18th.

Anti-worker action is based on power. Their power is fueled by their deep pockets. Are you ready to build the member & Teamster power to beat them back? If we stand together, we can.