SB County Teamsters Ratify Adjustments to MOU

UPDATE (July 27th) — The tentative agreement between Local 1932 and the County of San Bernardino has been ratified with a 78.5% approval rate from County Teamsters who voted. Bargaining will continue as laid out in the tentative agreement (seen at the end of the post). Please reach out to your Business Agent for further information.

Originally posted on July 14, 2020

The County of San Bernardino and the Teamsters Local 1932 Bargaining Team have reached an agreement on minor adjustments to the MOU. The Bargaining Team unanimously agreed to send this agreement to a vote for approval by the membership at the County of San Bernardino. Voting is open until Monday, July 27th, 2020, 10 AM.

Why bargain at this time?

The County came to our Union in June to discuss how reduced tax revenue during the COVID-19 crisis has wrecked County finances for the rest of the year. After doing our due diligence on this claim, we recognize that their claims are serious and require further dialogue and investigation. While the full effects of the COVID-19 crisis are yet to be realized, one thing is certain — the situation has devastated the national economy and public agencies across the state have seen pay cuts and job loss. Because so much is reliant on potential intervention by the federal government, continued negotiations will be necessary.

Our Union has agreed to go to the bargaining table over the County’s proposals for possible cost-saving measures. There has been substantial back and forth between our Union’s bargaining team and the County over the County’s short-term financial forecast and what it means for its employees. An agreement was reached and our Union was ultimately successful in moving the County to significant commitments on issues important to Teamsters. 

Amid the economic uncertainty of this time, an agreement on job security and no meaningful disruptions to the compensation of County Teamsters was crucial to the Bargaining Team. We believe we were successful in this effort. As a result of the bargaining, our Union secured guarantees against layoffs and furloughs until December 31, 2020. No other labor organization representing employees in the County has secured such language thus far. Additionally, medical premium subsidies were protected, and while the scheduled raise for July 18 will be slightly delayed, it will be converted to an equivalent lump-sum bonus. This agreement is now up to you and your co-workers. This is your right as a Teamster at the County of San Bernardino. 

Again, voting will close on Monday, July 27th, 2020 at 10 AM and results will be announced shortly thereafter. Thank you for participating in this process. Thank you for all you do each and every day for the public. Together we are union strong. 


In solidarity,

Randy Korgan


Teamsters Local 1932

See the signed tentative agreement here