SB County Teamster Call for a Fair Contract


Teamsters across the County of San Bernardino have continued taking action in recent weeks as negotiations continue between our union and the County. This past month, the County illegally raised premiums while negotiations were ongoing. Our union filed an unfair labor practice charge against the County and they are feeling the heat. With member power leading the way, our union is ready to fight back to secure affordable healthcare and a fair contract for working people at the County of San Bernardino. 

It’s time to come together again — please call the offices of County Board of Supervisors and County CEO Gary McBride. Tell them:

“Enough is enough. San Bernardino County Teamsters need a fair contract and affordable healthcare NOW.”

You should also ask them the following questions:

  • Does [Supervisor/CEO] believe that our current costs of benefits are affordable for working families?
  • Why did the County eliminate retiree medical?
  • Why did County appointees on SBCERA vote to eliminate the SBCERA medical subsidy in 2011?
  • Why is there so much turnover in the Benefits Department and Human Resources Department at the County?
  • Why did the County illegally raise premiums during negotiations?

They might deflect by saying that we are currently in negotiations over these issues. Regardless, these questions deserve real answers now. Ongoing bargaining does not preclude them answering these important questions.

Use the contact information below to make your calls:

Gary McBride — Chief Executive Officer

(909) 387-5417


Diane Rundles — Interim Director Human Resources Dept.

(909) 387-8304


Robert A. Lovingood — First District Supervisor

(909) 387.4830 / 760.995.8100


Janice Rutherford — Second District Supervisor

(909) 387.4833 / 909.387.4833


Dawn Rowe — Third District Supervisor

(909) 387.4855 / 760.366.1488


Curt Hagman — Chairman/Fourth District Supervisor

(909) 387.4866 / 909.465.5265


Josie Gonzales — Vice-Chair/Fifth District Supervisor

(909) 387.4565