Secretary of CA Labor & Workforce Development Tours New High Road Job Training Facility

On December 16, 2021, California Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development Agency Natalie Palugyai visited Teamsters Local 1932 for a historic occasion that sets the regional logistics industry on an upward trajectory for workers and community. For the first time, Secretary Palugyai toured Teamsters Local 1932’s new building to learn about our new Training Center project, specifically our efforts with community partners to train workers in the emerging green transition in the logistics industry. 

This project, the High Road Logistics Training Partnership, led by the Inland Empire Labor Institute, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, and Warehouse Worker Resource Center aims to transform California’s massive goods movement sector into one with high road jobs and clean, low and zero-emissions operations. These efforts will strategically bring together every intersection of the logistics industry, including distribution, manufacturing, construction, and transportation. The training partnership will create multiple career pathways in manufacturing, maintenance, installation, and operating electric logistics yard equipment and zero-emissions delivery and distribution vehicles. 

Workers in transportation and logistics in the Inland Empire make less than in the rest of southern California. A worker in the Inland Empire making $3,369 monthly could be making $4,712 in other areas of southern California doing the same job. 64% of workers in transportation and logistics occupations make below the living wage. The Training Center aims to provide a higher standard for workers and the community as they relate to the industry’s current impact on jobs and the environment by providing training and job access with high road employers who share this mission.

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