5 Years of Victories for Working Families

Check out this 5th Anniversary Commemorative Video of our Local’s story:

A message from Secretary-Treasurer Randy Korgan (posted 4-14-20):

Today is the 5th anniversary of the establishment of Teamsters Local 1932. This Sunday, April 19th, was meant to be a celebration of this fact, with our 2nd Annual Custom Car Show and a special General Membership Meeting scheduled for the day. Guests from across the country were planning to visit us to join us in our celebration. Of course, the state of COVID-19 has changed these plans. The Car Show and special General Membership Meeting have been rescheduled to October 11th. Still, we have plenty to celebrate!


Five years ago, thousands of County and City employees throughout the region voted to form Teamsters Local 1932. Working people like you knew the potential of our collective power and demanded an organization that fulfills that potential. This is what created your Local in 2015. 


For those of you that were present during the affiliation campaign, you must look back and be amazed at how different we are. For those of you that were not present, please take a moment to appreciate what others did for you. Their first very tough victory is what keeps us inspired.


Since then, the state of labor relations in this region has shifted. Employers now recognize that there are rules and standards that must be followed — we’re all on watch together. Members have built stronger bonds at work because of our union, and this has led to stronger contracts with stronger benefits and stronger protections at work. The effects of the anti-worker Janus v AFSCME decision in 2018 were minimal because of our successes. The first complete Teamster contract with the County of San Bernardino that was ratified last year is a testament to this fact. Whereas previously the employer-provided health insurance for County employees was at the mercy of County-led efforts, now through the creation of the new Teamsters Local 1932 Health & Welfare Trust Fund, we can fight for better benefits bargained through our collective strength. This can and will be extended throughout the region.


We’ve also brought the community together to our causes. We’ve promoted good jobs, not just any job with our fight for Community Benefits Agreements at San Bernardino International Airport. We’ve promoted shopping locally through our network of 600 locally owned businesses with Teamster Advantage. We’ve increased our philanthropic efforts in the communities, sponsoring everything from local T-ball leagues to important non-profits filling resource gaps in our region.


Underneath this is a strong foundation. Five years ago, you could not count on a financially stable organization. The establishment of Teamsters Local 1932 changed that. The members involved in the affiliation campaign in 2015 were inspired to make a difference based on a vision that was presented to them. As we face the new unprecedented challenge of COVID-19 and the economic crisis that has since emerged, this inspiration and vision must carry on in this new decade. 


Congratulations on these five years of victories, Teamsters. This is only the beginning because together, we are UNION STRONG.



Look out for our 5th-year anniversary commemorative video next Monday!

Until then, please, continue to visit Teamsters1932.org for all member resources.