Teamsters 1932 Hispanic Caucus Podcast


A podcast hosted by the Teamsters Local 1932 Hispanic Caucus. Through deep dives into what it means to be a part of our community today, we’re aiming to create a platform that educates everyone. Listen in and fight alongside us! Access episodes wherever you get your podcasts (Apple, Spotify, etc.) Want to join the Teamsters Local 1932 Hispanic Caucus? Contact Carlos Gonzales at

Episode 2: A Conversation with Chicano Labor Leader Ron Herrera


The second episode of the Teamsters Local 1932 Hispanic Caucus Podcast! Today we’re at la mesa speaking with one of the very few national labor leaders that identify as Chicano — Ron Herrera. Ron is the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Vice President of the Western Region, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 396, and Los Angeles County Federation of Labor President. Sit back and enjoy this conversation as we learn about Ron’s awesome history and background — from his upbringing under “Rosa the Riveter” to his decades as a UPS rank-and-file Teamster and beyond. Listen to this episode for insight on why Ron thinks we cannot give up on our fight for justice for working families across the country.

Episode 1: A Conversation with Strong Chicana Labor Lawyers


The premier episode of the new Teamsters Local 1932 Hispanic Caucus Podcast! Just 2.7% of associates in law firms are Latinas. Today we’re at la mesa, spreading the word to young Chicanas who need advice on how to pursue a career in defending working people. We’re speaking with the amazing Raquel Ortega and Renee Sanchez, two Chicana labor lawyers, who are the best of the best and ready to help. Sit back and enjoy this conversation, with insight on their identity as Chicanas, the road to their eventual partnership, and how they’ve overcome hardships and naysayers along the way. Hayes, Ortega & Sanchez is a California labor and employment law firm representing labor unions, public employee associations, and their members. Learn more at