Louis Fiorino for SBCERA Board of Retirement

Currently, County of San Bernardino employees have their retirement pension managed by the Board of Retirement at the San Bernardino County Employees’ Retirement Association (SBCERA). Two General Member Trustees on the Board are elected by the County Teamsters and other general members.
This year, Teamsters Local 1932 is supporting the re-election of Louis Fiorino to the SBCERA Board of Retirement as our General Member Trustee. Working people need a voice on that Board so please vote for Louis!
“My name is Louis Fiorino and I am seeking re-election to the SBCERA Board of Retirement, as the general member representative. As a County employee of 19 years, it has truly been an honor representing you — my co-workers — for almost a decade on the Board.
Our retirement benefit is an important component of our compensation for the diligent work that we perform. Sadly, there are well-funded anti-public employee organizations that want to reduce public employee pensions. The media continues to report that public employee pensions are unaffordable. This is far from the truth. The hard work and success of SBCERA is reflected in the significant growth of our assets. Our investments earned over $2.382 billion in just the past 3 years. Those amazing results, has increased the size of the retirement assets to $10.46 billion! This success is the best response to those who want to reduce or eliminate our retirement benefit.
It is important that we have a representative that has the knowledge, experience and commitment to make prudent decisions that will preserve the existing benefit for current and future members. My service at SBCERA includes: Managing Trustee, Chairman of the Board, Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Investment Committee.
The SBCERA Board of Directors placed their trust in my experience and leadership abilities. I am asking you, my co­workers, to continue your support and vote for me. Thank you!”
The Registrar of Voters will be mailing ballots to County employees during the first week of November. Mail it in yourself or take it to Teamsters Local 1932 so we can mail it for you! Learn more here!