Happy Labor Day 2021

On this day we celebrate Labor. What does that mean and how did it happen?
In a time when we have a tendency to want our information quickly and in short soundbites we must take the appropriate time to reflect on the history and sacrifices that others made to create the environment we live in.
Working people created the technology and advancements that make our lives easier as well as made some individuals super-rich.
While society celebrated a handful of so-called “innovators, inventors, or entrepreneurs” we need to appreciate the hard work done by those that were the ones that truly made it happen.
Many will enjoy the holiday without understanding its origin or taking a moment to appreciate those that helped create the day that first was celebrated in the late 1800s.
These workers worked hard and fought for equality, dignity, and respect on and off the job while their oppressive bosses, now clearly defined by historical facts, opposed the passage of holidays, manageable workdays, and some well deserved time off in addition to a safe work environment.
Even though history may still try and prop up these individuals as “great businessmen or politicians” we all know who really did the work. We know who invented, innovated, or built enterprise and who created the middle class to enjoy a day off with recreation.
Over a hundred years ago we had reins in our hands, horses in front of us, and precious cargo behind us. Now we may have a keyboard, a power tool, a steering wheel, or an instrument that saves someone’s life. Any way you put it, working people created it and hold the power through collective action.
Today, we should share the story of Labor and why we celebrate working people with our family, friends, and neighbors by reminding all that worker power will get it done.
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